isola di malta l'isola che non c'è

Malta: The island that is not there

Welcome to Malta .. “Merħba f’Malta”
Malta, a sparkling island with a thousand shades ..
Immersed in the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean, south of Sicily, heritage of unique and incredible beauties .. An intimate corner of paradise, characterized by such intense historical past. Here is Malta, an island of mysterious Knights and fascinating legends, an explosion of culture, nature, art and fun.

An electrifying island!

Malta is not just “pastizzi” and tranquility! We need to know it, visit it, appreciate it, to understand how much it can really offer. Always a strategic point, as well as a pole of fundamental importance. Malta has been the scene of successions of ancient civilizations, undoubtedly an island in which to go to the discovery of its deep roots..

Walking through Malta ..

comino walking through island of malta the island that is not there
The island of Comino

We start from the far north, with the fairytale island of
gozo, the island of Calypso, where we can contemplate the most beautiful bays of Europe. Or the tiny island of Comino, dominated by a breathtaking sea tongue for its colors, in which there are no cars! The sun is an accomplice practically all year round, it will accompany you as you visit fascinating coves, imposing caves or while you are going to discover the sea floor.

streets of Valletta with balconies island of Malta the island that is not there
The streets of Valletta

Enchanted places, mysteries and ancient legends swarm the Maltese islands, impossible not to be fascinated. Lovers of history and art, here, will be able to satisfy the sight, contemplating the many churches that rise on the territory, the imposing walls that protect the valley, its wonderful natural inlet, heritage of humanity. When you visit Malta it is impossible not to be abducted by the picturesque streets of the old town, looking towards the typical colorful balconies, the famous “gallarijas”. And how not to break the attention on the famous Maltese Luzzi, those boats so funny, so lively, so special. It too was one of the most significant symbols of Maltese culture, with their eyes in the bow, superstitious symbols against the evil eye and bad luck at sea.


churches of the island of malta the island that is not there
Lourdes Church in Gozo

A small island with a thousand curiosities, many. Did you know that in Malta the churches are innumerable? Virtually one for each day of the year. 313 on the island of Malta is only 46 a gozo. A total of well 359 churches! Have you ever noticed that two clocks with two different times are usually displayed on the facade of a church? One right and one wrong. All this to divert the devil and any evil spirit in order to keep them away from religious celebrations! Curious, no?

Joy in the kitchen!

In Malta nothing is missing, even on the table! A small paradise even in culinary terms! A rich and varied Mediterranean cuisine, with a thousand flavors and aromas. Not to mention the various cultures of import … in Malta you can taste a wide choice of cuisines of different nationalities!

Cisk time!

cisk maltese beer malta island the island that is not there

And what about Maltese beer? The famous Cisk! Did you know that this term meant check? And you say, what does the banking world have to do with a simple beer? Easy …… To our cisk was given the nickname from the founder banker of the same company that gave light to the national beer!

Malta sweet malta…!

Originally Malta was called melita, a term deriving from the Greek, whose meaning is precisely “sweet as honey”. All this is due to the fact that in our archipelago there are many bees that, in fact, allow a large production of honey of the highest quality.

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