Sardinia and Malta more “Neighbor”

The first direct flight between the two islands managed by Air Malta took off on May 4, the first concrete step of the institutional collaboration launched in April 2017 by the Sardinia Region.

The agreement signed by Air Malta and Sogaer, a company that manages the Cagliari airport, marks a turning point for the Sardinian community residing in the Maltese archipelago and is part of the wider collaboration launched by the Sardinia Region and carried out thanks to the active support of the Maltese institutions.

The first official meeting, organized about a year ago in the wake of internationalization policies, was attended by the Ambassador of Malta, Vanessa Frazier, accompanied by a delegation of government representatives, including Malta Enterprise, both industrial and financial.

The launch of the direct air connection will guarantee two weekly flights at least until January 2019, on Wednesdays and Sundays, and represents both a revolution for the mobility of the hundreds of Sardinians residing in the archipelago and a great opportunity for the companies involved, thus facilitating the creation of new economic and commercial relationships, as explained by the vice president Paci through the website of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia.

“Due to its strategic position, Malta has always been a crossroads of primary importance for trade between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, and a solid reference point for economic operators all over the world. Thanks to the new direct connection, it will be easier for Sardinian entrepreneurs to enter this circuit and at the same time it will be easier for us to enhance our policies to attract foreign investments “.

The same Paci outlines then the other objectives of the collaboration between Sardinia and Malta, which joins the one already started with Corsica and the Balearics, underlining the importance of networking among Mediterranean islands in order to have more say in the interior the EU and raise the issue of insularity.

Another important aspect of the new air route is the fact that it relates directly to two renowned tourist destinations, thus significantly shortening travel time, for Sardinians and not, forced until a few weeks ago to have to take two flights to arrive in Sardinia.

A collaboration that, says the CEO of the Maltese company WES Trade, is only at the beginning: “We are working with the Maltese and Sardinian institutions for the development of further opportunities, also on other sectors, whose results will be visible already from this year “.

Source: Corriere di Malta

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