Invest in Malta

invest in Malta buying a home

Why invest in Malta buying a home

Today we are talking about real estate investments in Malta. Investing in Malta may seem like most of you one of those things for economic specialists, big investors with big capital, but it’s not so.

Malta, with disinterest from the media, who prefer to deal with subjects that are more “successful” among the people, in the course of these years has turned into a real technological and innovative country ready to embrace innovations such as cryptocurrencies.

Malta is healthy in terms of the economy, so much so that banks are reluctant to open a new bank account, because they are full of liquidity and do not want to be forced to park it at the ECB with associated payment of a cost.

As for the bureaucracy, here it is modern and minimal, a few clear rules make the lives of citizens and companies very simple. An example? Each tax credit is repaid to companies for a maximum of 90 days!

Unlike what you might think the infrastructure of the country are modern, the Internet for example has been made for a long time with the fiber and it is also this that has made to choose the most important European gambling companies to move their activities in Malta.

Speaking of quality of life, Malta is in an ideal position in the Mediterranean, reachable from Italy with many airlines and fast ferries from Sicily. The climate is mild and favorable all year round and allows outdoor activities in every season.

Safety and Health are excellent for the Maltese archipelago. There is, in fact, a low crime rate, so as to be able to see even the elderly walk at night in peace. The Maltese health system is highly quoted, in the 2000s it reached the 5th place in the world, since then it has slipped to 25th place, but it has remained efficient.

Why You Should Invest in Malta in Real Estate

The real estate market has not been affected by the crisis that has hit Europe in recent years, recording, on the contrary, constant growth. Moreover, the massive investments and redevelopment works launched in recent years will certainly mark an increase in property values in the market.

Know, that there are properties for all financial resources, starting from figures around € 100,000, for new buildings in less touristy areas. With figures from € 150,000 upwards you can find excellent investments with high profitable value. Just think that the rents in Malta start from figures that are around 600-900 euros per month, to reach 10 times higher figures in prestigious areas.

Now is the right time to invest in Malta, whether you want to go live in Malta or if you want to buy a property as a profitable investment.

  • Safety

    In Malta there is great serenity, given the absence of any underworld situation. The population offers hospitality typical of a Mediterranean country but with an Anglo-Saxon efficiency.

  • Climate

    The climate of this Mediterranean island is extremely favorable, it has a summer that goes from April to October and a short winter with winter temperatures that oscillate around 15/17 degrees.

  • Economy

    It has economic stability and low indebtedness (65% of P. I. L.) and high bank liquidity, knows no economic crisis and has very low unemployment. Malta has become a financial and economic center that from year to year is increasing its importance attracting important foreign investments thanks to its favorable tax system and its organizational system with few clear and certain rules. In Malta there is an easy and lean access to credit with the possibility for a foreigner to finance the purchase of a property between 50% and 70% of its value.

  • Technology

    Malta has an excellent ICT (Information and Communication Technology) infrastructure. It is considered the Smart Island, enjoys a strategic geographical position and is the first European outpost of the global SmartCity network that is to say economic-commercial pole of meeting between three economic cultures: European, North African and Middle Eastern.

  • Transportation

    Malta is well connected to all major international airports with low cost flights and has excellent sea connections.

  • Tourism

    The country has an annual presence of over 2 million and 200 thousand tourists who make the tourism sector a very important element of the economy.

  • Property

    The real estate sector is constantly growing and represents a fundamental voice of P.I.L. of the country. In 2013, the average price of buildings rose by 6/7%. The growth of the real estate sector is given by the high profitability of the buildings and the total absence of property taxes.

  • Language

    The official language is English and there are many schools where you can learn English.

  • Health

    Malta has one of the best healthcare systems in the world with excellent efficiency.

  • European

    Since 2004 Malta has been part of the European Economic Community and since 2008 has adopted the Euro as currency.

  • Lifestyle

    You live a peaceful, pleasant and enjoyable way of life in which you immediately integrate. All of this makes this place an ideal place to Live Work and Invest in Malta by buying a home.

If you are thinking of investing in Malta, consult our proposals for real estate investments in Malta or get in touch with our consultants who will help you find the right investment for your needs.

We also invite you to consult the article Buying House in Malta where the phases of a real estate purchase in Malta are illustrated in large lines.

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