Tips for Buying a house in Malta

Malta is located in a strategic position, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, not far from Italy, well-connected thanks to many airlines (even low cost) that depart daily from the main Italian airports and many other places in Europe. There are also ferries departing from Sicily from the port of Pozzallo, Licata and Catania.

buying a house in malta ferries departing from italy

The climate of this Mediterranean island is extremely favorable and with little rainfall, it has a summer that goes from April to October and a short winter with temperatures that oscillate around 15/17 degrees. The sea is also spectacular on the shores of major cities such as Sliema and St Julian’s, always with a transparent emerald seabed and clear.


Maximum / Minimum (°C)
16°C / 9°C
16°C / 9°C
17°C / 10°C
20°C / 12°C
24°C / 15°C
28°C / 19°C
31°C / 21°C
31°C / 22°C
28°C / 20°C
25°C / 18°C
21°C / 14°C
17°C / 11°C

8 days
7 days
5 days
3 days
1 day
0 days
0 days
0 days
3 days
5 days
7 days
8 days

buying a house in malta Comino splendid beach

It is not uncommon for many foreigners, especially the “Smart” investors, to decide to buy a house in Malta, whether for holidays or even to stay permanently.

Why do many choose to buy a house in Malta?

  • It is part of the European Community and the current currency is the Euro
  • Lots of entertainment, for all ages: restaurants, beaches, discos and lots of culture
  • You enjoy a great serenity, given the absence of any situation of underworld. The population offers hospitality typical of a Mediterranean country but with an Anglo-Saxon efficiency.
  • Economic stability and low indebtedness (65% of P. I. L.) and high bank liquidity, knows no economic crisis and has very low unemployment.
  • The real estate sector is constantly growing and represents a fundamental voice of P.I.L. of the country. In 2013, the average price of buildings rose by 6/7%. The growth of the real estate sector is given by the high profitability of the buildings and the total absence of property taxes.
  • Cost of living lower than the European average
  • Investments also for small investors
  • The tourist season in Malta lasts about 9 months a year
  • Tourist facilities at very affordable prices
  • A very advantageous tax system, both for residents and for investors and entrepreneurs, and it is also easy and safe thanks to the entry in 2010 in the “white list” countries
  • There are no ancillary fees such as house tax or television license fee, there are no property taxes, no taxes on urban waste
  • A health system among the best in the world, ranked fifth in the World Health Organization, free for all residents who pay Social Security.
  • A minimum bureaucracy, few and clear rules make the life of citizens and companies very simple.
  • Maltese and English are spoken, which are the two official languages
  • Public transport and economic “car rental” services


Now is the right time to buy a house in Malta!

Investment for everyone

There are buildings for all financial resources, starting from a cost of around € 100,000, for new buildings in less touristy areas.

With costs from € 150,000 upwards you can find excellent investments with high profitable value. Rents in Malta start from figures that are around 600/900 euros per month, to reach 10 times higher costs in prestigious areas.

The right investment

In recent years we have witnessed a “boom” in the Maltese real estate market, and one of the most profitable activities is that linked to rents for tourism (short term) that can reach sums much higher than those of a mortgage payment, not It is no coincidence that in recent times many Europeans have decided to invest in the purchase of property in Malta, guided by the favorable moment and by a simplified bureaucracy.

How do I purchase a house in Malta?

Buying a house in Malta at a bureaucratic level is simple and clear. First of all, if you are a citizen of the U.E. but you do not reside in Malta you can buy only one property, either as a primary residence or not. To purchase additional properties, a special authorization called AIP (Acquisition of Immovable Property) is required.

An essential requirement by the law of Malta for the purchase of a property by U.E. non-residents is that the property meets a minimum market value that at the moment is at least € 107.670 for apartments or for maisonettes (traditional two-level villas) or at least € 179.400 for other real estate types (these minimum values may change years later).

Once you have chosen the house you want to buy and agreed the price starts with the preliminary phase that is called “Konvenju” in mortar and is officially stipulated in the presence of a public notary, and is necessary to ensure that the two parties ( the buyer and seller) complete the transition by a precise date, written in English, in which there are details such as the sale price of the property, terms and conditions.

Together with the stipulation of the “konvenju”, the buyer must pay a 10% deposit as security deposit, which in case of a possible change of mind, will be delivered to the seller as compensation.

To this cost must be added the deposit of 1% of stamp duty and a property tax whose total amount is equal to 5% of the value of the property, it is paid only once.

The fees to be paid to buy a house in Malta

In short

  • the fee for the preliminary act or konvenju (1% of the total value)
  • notary fees
  • the commission for the agent (if there were)
  • property tax (5% of the property value to be paid only once)

Do I have to pay taxes in my country if I decide to buy a house in Malta?

We can not give a general answer, it depends a lot on the laws in your state, for more information and clarity you can contact us and one of our specialists will answer your needs.

Where to invest and buy a house in Malta?

The areas of greatest interest where tourism, school and work activities are concentrated are certainly in the coastal strip from Sliema, Gzira, St Julians, Swieqi to Valletta, but many are also turning their attention to other areas of the island. more to the north or south or in the central areas.

Locations such as Birkirkara, Naxxar, Mosta, St Pauls Bay and Mellieha have registered interest from investors and growth in rent demand.

Some examples of investment in Malta to make a reasoned and conscious but high-yielding choice

For example, investing in a property in Sliema, a modern apartment near the sea with 3 rooms means spending about 300,000 euros but it means ensuring an annual return on investment from 7% and destined to rise with short term rentals.

Buying an apartment in Gzira or St Pauls Bay with an expense of around 200,000 euros ensures a minimum annual yield of 5% or in San Gwann with an investment of 130,000 for a 2-room apartment you can have a yield even higher than 5% .

In Marsascala with an investment between 150 and 180,000 you can have a 4% yield.

Contact us to buy your house in Malta

If you want to make a high-yield investment or buy a property where you live, contact us, you will have the opportunity to buy your house directly from the manufacturer without intermediary fees, we will follow you throughout the buying and selling phase so you will be free from thoughts . Please rate our proposals for property for sale in Malta or contact us for further information.

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